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June Employee of the Month – Shirley Gaw

Shirley has been with Swat Fame for over 20 years and the pride she takes in her work is infectious. When it comes to loved and respected role models, Shirley’s at the top of the list. Known as a caring friend and talented professional, Shirley goes out of her way to help co-workers thrive. Not only is Shirley a great role model, she’s a logistical whiz when it comes to workflow solutions and systems.  She takes great pride in doing things the right way, works hard while making it look easy, and is a pleasure to work with.

May Employee of the Month – Yolanda Ramirez

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Yolanda as a great attitude and the eagerness to learn new things and makes the time to train on the new procedures in our department. She is an essential part of the department and is punctual, dependable and has outstanding attendance. Yolanda is great with special project instructions and takes great price in her work. She always does the BEST job!

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April Employee of the Month – Shanna Brewer!

Shanna has an excellent work ethic & is always willing to go the extra mile for the KUT team. She has a strong knowledge of production, sale and the needs of our customers. Shanna is the super glue that holds it all together, we would not be able to drive our business without this employee leading our communication. She has a can-do attitude and is always willing to go above and beyond with all essential duties.

March Employee of the Month – Rafael Patino!

Rafael’s speed and accuracy is unmatched to anyone in this facility.  He single handedly seals cartons and sort every carton that comes off the line.  Rafael memorizes what each purchase order count by DC needs to be shipped.  He rarely misses work and always goes the extra mile to make sure we send out the best product we can!

January Employee of the Month – Wilson Yun!

Wilson always has a positive attitude, is very dependable and follows through with every project assigned.  This employee handles a demanding workload and a backlog of projects with enthusiasm and coolness.  Wilson is always respectful and cordial to everyone and is self-motivating and easy to work with daily.  This employee tries to anticipate and minimize problems and situations before they arise by asking all the right questions.